Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Gin Gin post office building - 1909

Bundaberg Mail and Burnett Advertiser (Qld.), Thursday 23 September 1909, page 4

Gin Gin post office. Description of the building

There has just been completed by Mr. W. Dunn, contractor, a very handsome building in Gin Gin, comprising a Post und Telegraph Office and residence for Postmaster. The postal authorities’ own half an acre, a quarter-acre, the other quarter is not as yet fenced. The building is 75 feet by 37 feet, and the postal chamber and public space is 37 feet. by 20 feet. In this part of the building is a silent cabinet for telephone purposes, entrance to which is from the public space. The battery room is entered from the front verandah, which is in size, 12 x 8. There are 60 private boxes, which should meet the requirements of Gin Gin for some considerable time. The postal chamber is fitted up with all the necessary fittings and office furniture, comprising pigeon holes, sorting tables, stamping tables, officer in charge table and pigeon holes, notice boards, chairs, safe stands, etc. Tho public space is divided off from the postal chamber by a cedar polished counter with all necessary drawers and fittings in same. The residence part of the building adjoins the postal chamber and is entered from public space or postal chamber, and comprises four main rooms with kitchen, pantry, servant's room and bath room, all accessible from the verandahs. The kitchen is fitted up with sink, draining board, and all necessary shelving, stove, etc. There is also a wide verandah latticed off for dining in summer. The building, which is about eight feet off the ground at the rear, has a laundry with wash benches, concrete floor, and concrete drains, which carry all water from sink, bathroom, etc. The building throughout is splendidly ventilated both above and below. The windows throughout are of the casement pattern of cedar with heavy cedar transoms and fanlights over same, all fixed and fastened with the latest approved furniture throughout. The building has been erected at a cost of £860 by Mr. W. Dunn, contractor, of Bundaberg.

Mr. Dunn handed it over to the Government yesterday.