Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Malaytown families

Douglas Pitt Jnr family.    Douglas and Myra Pitt and their children Maisie, Heather, Dulcie, Sophie and Arthur. (Len was born in 1930 after they left Malaytown)

Ned Pitt family.                   Ned and Flossie Pitt and children Gaiba (by his first wife Whoppul)  and Annai (who perished in the 1934 cyclone).  Living with them was his sister Felicia Watkin and her two children Brian and Fred.  His parents Edward and Kamia Annai used to have extended stays with them as well.  When the Ware family (Abia and Periotha Ware and their children Harry and Bobby) came to Cairns they stayed with Ned Pitt and his family until they moved to Bungalow

Guivarra family.                  Thomas and  Ivy Guivarra and their daughter Joan.  Francis Guivarra lived with them

Sailor family.                       Charlie and his wife Louisa and their children Noreena, Matilda, Ronnie and Fred as well as George, Doug, Ben,  Abetta and Cecilia Jacobs from Louisa's first marriage

Addo family.                        May Butchee and Demos Demetriades (both perished in the 1934 cyclone).  Her daughter Kathleen Addo and son Ernest Addo

Binsair family.                     Jan and Jessie Binsair and their children Matilda, Nancy, Allie, Ruddia and Osman
Sang family.                        George Sang and his children Alfie, Herbert, Patrick,  Stella, Mavis and Thelma

Singh family.                       Tarka and Mercedes Singh and children Rosie, Doris and Gerry

Seaman family.                   Mr and Nuriya Seaman and daughter Daisy

Unis family.                          Willy and Minnie Unis

Jacobs family.                    George and Gertie Jacobs.  (Lived with his mother and Charlie Sailor until married)

Walters family.                    Fred and Nancy Walters and children Fred Jnr, Mary, Amy, Evelyn, Sammy, Lala and Sonny as well as Charlie Anau

Quickie family.                    Peter and Winnie

Ware family.                        Abiu and Periotha Ware and children Harry and Bobby

Savage family.                    William (Allam) and Lelei Savage and children Lilly, Ivy, Ollie, William Jnr, Shirley, David, Sam, Joseph  and Nunda            (Edward)

Wallace family.                   Mr and Mrs Wallace

Single Men. Japanese.     Setaro Ishimoto, Yungpulla

Single Men.  Malay.           Seeman, Sully,  Tumbi

Single Men. Sikh.                Nam Singh

Single Men.  Singhalese  Charlie Johns

Single Men.  Torres Strait Islander.       Jack Ware

Malaytown was a slum in Cairns, Queensland in the 20th century. here is a list of the families who lived there: