Thursday, June 30, 2016

Queensland letter cards issue

Brisbane Telegraph, Saturday 18 February 1905, page 2
Postal Anomaly. Queensland Handicapped. Matter of Letter Cards
"Two letter cards, please?”
A Sydney visitor put down sixpence at the Brisbane General Post Office, got what he asked for, and received 2d. change. "But, these cards are only one and a half penny. in Sydney. Why 2d. here?”
He looked astonished. So did the officer. "You'll see they are twopenny cards by the stamp” was the explanation offered. This was quite correct. Tho visitor swallowed the impost, and passed away, to fill in the letters— and to reflect. A representative of the "Telegraph" made inquiries this morning at the department as to why there should be an interstate difference in the charges. The authorities made inquiries of subordinates, hunted up guides, and examined cards. They expressed astonishment. But the anomaly still remained unmoved. There are one and a half penny cards sold here, it, is true, hut they really cost threepence, half the charge being a pre-payment for a reply. Then there are one and a half penny foreign postal cards. But no one and a half penny letter cards, the same as sold in New South Wales. Queensland, therefore, has been specially burdened— and her load is grievous enough under federation in all conscience — by this impost, as compared to other States. The anomaly is accounted for by the fact that the 2d. card existed during pre-federation times, and it never occurred to the authorities that there was a similar card sold elsewhere for one and a half penny, As there is no justification for continuing the charge, it is fair to assume that a change will he made, at once in line with the other States.