Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tenders for Mail services

This newspaper article gives an insight into some of the mail routes in central Queensland

Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, Thursday 26 November 1896, page 6
 supplement to the Government Gazette of the 21st instant notifies the acceptance of the following tenders for the conveyance of mails, and mails and parcels for 1897, 1898, and 1899 : -
Rockhampton and Yaamba, via Greenlake, Canal Creek, The Oaks, Canoona diggings, Morgan's, Hartmann's, Woodville, Mylrea’s, Crawford's, Lake Learmouth, and Canoona Station; once-a-week; horse; three years; mails only-John Devlin, Agricultural Reserve, £64 a-year.
Clermont post office and railway station, and to carry loose letters as required to and from all trains by buggy, also Clermont and Copperfield (via Mc'Donald's Flat) twice-a-week by horse;  parcels between the post office and railway station only ; three years; James Graham Croghan, Clermont, £60 a-year.
Tungamull and Cawarral; three times a-week; coac ; three years (but subject to a mouth's notice of discontinuance); mails and parcels.-William Schofield, Cawarral, £45 a year.
Rockhampton and Westwood, via Agricultural Reserve, Morinish Diggings, Mount Morinish, Morinish Station, Morinish No. 2 (Blackfellows' Gully), Bannockburn, Melrose, Craiglie, and Dennis's farm; once a-week; horse; three year; mails only-Patrick Devlin, Agricultural Reserve, Rockhampton, £63 a year.
Emerald post office and railway station; to and from all trains; buggy; two years; mails and parcels - Francis Shannon, Emerald, £26 a-year.
Marlborough and Rookwood, via Woodstock, Clifton, Apis Creek, Leura, and  Balcomba; once a-week; horse; three years; mails only - Arthur Henry Squibb, Marlborough, £51 a-year.
Adavale and Listowel Downs, via Boondoon (Boondoon to be called at one way should Blackwatcr River not be crossable); once a week; horse; two years mails only - Walter Martin, Adavale, £75 a-year.
Winton and Westfield (Highfields), via Bladensburg, Warrnambool Downs, Happy Valley, Opalton, and Fermoy, returning via Warrnambool Downs and Bladensburg; once-a-week; horse; three years; mails only - Charles Henry Paine, Bladensburg, £105 a-year.
Aramac and Torrens Creek railway station, via Bowen Downs, Caledonia, New Corindah, Aberfoyle, Uanda, and Oakley (in flood time the route between Bowen Downs and Aberfoyle to be via Corindah, Silverdale Bore and Barnsley, (omitting Caledonia); once-a-week; coach; three years; mails and parcels - William Cameron, Aramac, £200 a-year.
Capella and Capella, via Gordon Downs, Humberstone, Malvern, Peak Downs, Lowstoff, Bellvue, Huntley, and Retro ; twice-a-week; horse; three years; mails only - Sidney George Kettle, Capella, £70 a-year.
Yeppoon and Woodbury, via Farnborough, and to keep receiving office at Woodbury; thrice-a-week; horse; three years; mails only - William Broome, Woodlands, Yeppoon, £20 a-year.
Mount Morgan and Struck Oil and to keep receiving office at Struck Oil; twice-a-week; horse; one year (but subject to a month's notice of discontinuance); mail only - Sarah Aldridge, Struck Oil, Mount Morgan, £30 a-year.
Delivery of parcels from Rockhampton post office to address within a radius of three milos therefrom; once-a-day; van; one year - Richard Bowles, North Rockhampton, 11/4 d. per parcel.
Lake's Creek and Lake's Creek (delivery) within a radius of a mile and a-half of the Lake's Creek post office, to include clearing of the Koongal pillar-box as required ; once-a-day; horse; two years; mails only - George Wickham, Lake's Creek, £46 a-year.