Friday, July 1, 2016

1892 duty stamps in Queensland

An article on the introduction of the 1892 duty stamps in Queensland

Week (Brisbane), Friday 24 June 1892, page 19
The Treasury having decided that on and after July 1 postage stamps shall not be used for the payment of duty except in cases where the amount is 1d., it has become necessary for special duty stamps to be printed, and the Government Engraving Department is now engaged in printing thorn. The following are the denominations and colours of the stamps which are now in hand: 6d., light green; 1s, lilac; 2s. 6d, maroon; 5s., carmine; 10s, chocolate; and £1, dark green. Stamps of the denomination of 2s. and £5 will shortly be printed, orders having been given for their execution. The new stamps are of a rather striking and attractive design. They are about an inch and a-half long and 1 inch in width. The background of the stamp is dark; and the Queen’s head appears in the centre in an oval medallion. A bead border surrounds the stamp and also the medallion. Above the latter is the word 'Queensland," with the words Stamp Duty stamp'' below, and above and below that lettering the denomination of the stamp is indicated, all the lettering standing out from the background in white, with scrollwork surrounding it. The same Queen's head which appears on the postage stamps is used, but it has been re-cut. Tho electrotypes from which the stamps are printed were prepared by the head of the department, Mr. W. Knight