Thursday, July 14, 2016

Article on the establishment of the Kangaroo Point post office in 1899

Brisbane Telegraph Saturday 22 April 1899, page 2
Kangaroo Point. Post Office and Telephone Bureau
Representations were made some short time since by the residents of Kangaroo Point and East Brisbane, through the Ratepayers' Association, as to the desirability of establishing a post office in their immediate vicinity, and also as to the facilities afforded in other parts of the city and suburbs by the telephone system. The Postmaster-General (the Hon. W. H. Wilson) was favourably "impressed by the arguments adduced, and directed that steps should be taken to provide the conveniences required. Arrangements have accordingly been made with Mr. Male to open a post office and telephone bureau in premises adjoining his shop, near the junction of Main Street and River Terrace, and at an early .date, probably by May 1, an office for the transaction of all usual postal business, including the issue and payment of money orders and postal notes, will be provided. There can be no doubt that the facilities thus placed at their disposal will be highly appreciated by the very considerable population interested, and although some little time must necessarily elapse before the telephone line can be provided, there will be no avoidable delay in completing this work and connecting the Kangaroo Point office with the central exchange.