Saturday, July 9, 2016

Introduction of postal notes and postal cards in Queensland

Logan Witness (Beenleigh), Saturday 6 November 1880, p. 4
An Act to provide for the issue of Postal Cards and Postal Notes, and to extend The Postal Act of 1871
Assented to 21st September, 1880
Be it enacted by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly of Queensland in parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: —
1. This Act shall be read and construed with the Postage Act of 1871, hereinafter designated the principal Act.
2. The Postmaster-General may, from time to time, issue single post cards, each bearing thereon a postage stamp of the value of penny and also double or reply post cards, each bearing thereon two postage stamps of the same value.
Except as aforesaid, a post card issued under the provisions of this Act shall be deemed a letter within the meaning of principal Act.
3. The Postmaster-General may, from time to time, issue postal notes for remittance purposes. Such notes shall be of four classes (that is to say) —
(1.) Of the value of one shilling, each bearing thereon a one halfpenny fee-stamp;
(2.) Of the value of two shillings and sixpence, each bearing thereon a one-penny-fee-stamp;
(3.) Of the value of five shillings, each bearing thereon a two-penny fee-stamp; and
(4.) Of the value of ten shillings, each bearing thereon a three-penny fee-stamp.
4. Every such postal note shall —
(1.) Be numbered with a distinctive number;
(2.) Bear on the face thereof its appropriate fee-stamp, and also its cash value, printed in both words and figures;
(3.) Be signed by some person authorised by the Postmaster-General in that behalf;
(4.) Be issued from the General Post Office, Brisbane, for sale at any post office at its face value, together with the amount of the fee-stamp added thereto; and
(5.) Be payable to the bearer, on demand, at the General Post Office, Brisbane, and at such other post offices as are from time to time appointed for that purpose.
5. A postmaster or other officer who sells a postal note shall, in every ease, before delivery thereof to the purchaser, obliterate the fee-stamp printed on such postal note by impressing thereon' the office date-stamp, of the day of delivery.
6. A postmaster or other officer who cashes a postal note shall in every case, thereupon cancel the some by impressing on the face thereof a stamp, to be provided for the purpose, bearing the word 'Paid.'
7. The lawful holder of a postal note may write or stamp across the face thereof, between two transverse lines, the name of any bank, firm, or person to whom he desires payment to be made. Such crossing shall be deemed a material part of the postal note, and shall not be obliterated, added to, or altered by any person whatever. No postmaster shall cash a postal note so crossed until it has been endorsed or stamped by some person duly authorised in that behalf with the name of a particular hank, firm, or person specified on the face thereof.