Monday, July 4, 2016

Memorial to John Douglas on Thursday Island

Letter from the Bishop of Carpentaria proposing a memorial to John Douglas at the Quetta cathedral on Thursday Island following his death. The memorial was subsequently built

Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser, Thursday 27 October 1904, p. 12


The following letter forwarded by the Anglican Bishop of Carpentaria is self-explanatory:-

"Sir,-At a meeting of the conference of the clergy and laity of the Diocese of Carpentaria, held on the 28th of July, 1904, it was moved, seconded, and carried unanimously, 'That the Hon. J. Douglas's long and valuable services to the Church should be commemorated by a permanent memorial in the Cathedral, the foundation stone of which lie laid, and where he received the holy communion on the Sunday before his fatal illness. The Diocesan Council have carefully considered the best and most permanent way of commemorating one so universally respected and so deeply loved, and have resolved to attempt to complete the south aisle of the Cathedral, and to fit it as a side chapel, to be known as the Douglas Chapel, such a chapel being urgently needed for the daily services, at which Mr. Douglas was a not infrequent attendant. It is estimated' that the erection of a permanent concrete wall, in place of the present temporary wooden structure, and other necessary alterations, including a memorial tablet, will cost not less than £300. The council feel that to attempt anything less would be unworthy of the memory of a man so widely known and so unfeignedly honoured both in England and throughout Australia."