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Postage stamp research by Bassett Hull in 1892

Articles about research conducted by Bassett Hull into Queensland postage stamps. The articles are available here

Telegraph (Brisbane), Tuesday 21 June 1892, page 6
Philately of Queensland
Mr Basset Hull, of Hobart, author of a history of the stamps of Tasmania, is in Brisbane at present, engaged in the compilation of a similar work regarding the stamps of Queensland. The study of Philately, as it is called, has of late years developed into a science as fully interesting as that of numismatics, and the stamps of the Australian colonies have always attracted especial interest from their various and generally handsome designs, and comparative rarity in European collecting circles. Official permission has been granted Mr. Hull to search the records for information bearing upon the subject, and he is also endeavouring to accumulate specimens of the early stamps on the original letters for the purpose of verifying dates of issue and other kindred minutiae. The compiler has also commenced a work on the currencies of Australia, in conjunction with Dr. Roth, of Sydney. This latter work will describe the early holey dollars and dumps, the Calabash currency, and the tradesmen's tokens, etc.
Queenslander (Brisbane), Saturday 25 June 1892, page 1242

The collecting of postage stamps may well be called a mere hobby, but the study of the stamps, their life history, production, and the facts illustrating their sphere of usefulness, has been dignified with the title "Philately," that is, the study of those stamps which denote that a tax has been paid. The name is derived from two Greek words signifying a friend of that which is free from taxation. The subject is just now receiving considerable attention in the Australian colonies, and Mr. Basset Hull, of Hobart, the author of a history of the stamps of Tasmania, is now in Brisbane engaged in compiling a similar work on the stamps of Queensland. The Hon. the Postmaster-General has kindly granted permission to Mr. Hull to search the official records for information on the subject, and the compiler anticipates weaving together a complete narrative of the stamps of Queensland.

Telegraph (Brisbane), Tuesday 5 July 1892, page 5

STAMPS, COINS, etc. — Wanted to Purchase Early Queensland and other Australian Postage Stamps, those on original envelopes preferred. Australian Paper Currencies, Coppers, Tokens, etc. Apply by letter to Basset Hull, G.PO., Brisbane.