Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Changes regarding Telegrams and postage stamps - 1875

Queenslander (Brisbane), Saturday 6 February 1875, page 4

The Postmaster-General, notifies the public that in future it will not be necessary to affix postage stamps to telegrams addressed to persons living outside of the circuit of the messengers of the various telegraph offices. In future such telegrams will be posted as a matter of course, without extra charge. This is a very sensible step, as the old arrangement was not generally understood, and caused frequent trouble and annoyance to persons unaccustomed to the transmission of telegraphic messages. Mr. Thorn has exhibited a great deal of care to meet the convenience of the public since he took charge of the Post and Telegraph Departments, and has, by alterations similar to the one now announced, proved himself one of the best administrators ever entrusted with the direction of this branch of the public service.

The occasional references to a bit of telegraph being erected here and there which occur from time to time in the papers, give little idea of the amount of extensions which are really going on from day to day in connection with the magic wire. During the last two months no less than six new stations have been opened, viz., at the Lower Herbert, Charters Towers, Millchester, Rocky Creek (Northern Railway line), Surat, and Miriam Vale. During the same period new lines have been constructed from Waterview to the Lower Herbert, fifteen miles; from Ravenswood to Charters Towers, forty-five miles; and from Roma to St. George, via Surat, 123 miles. At the present time there are in progress lines from Brisbane, via Beenleigh, to the Tweed River; from Charleville to Tiaro; Gympie to Tewantin; Maryborough, via Tiaro, to Inskip Point; Cooktown to Palmerville; and from Keppel Bay to Cape Capricorn and to Sea Hill.