Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Complaints about staff at the Brisbane general post office - 1886

Telegraph (Brisbane), Saturday 20 February 1886, page 5

A Shot at the Post Office

To the Editor. — Sir,— You will oblige a great number of the public by inserting this letter. I wish to bring to your notice the way the public are treated by the post office official. My chief complaint is the delivery of newspapers at the G. P.O. I have been kept times out of number for over half an hour knocking. I want to know are the public to be treated in this way by their paid servants? Is a man to lose his time because the clerks are too independent to attend, and when they do attend serve one as if they were doing a favour for you? In no other post office are things carried on as in Brisbane. If the present clerks won't do the work, why not got some who will. I should like to know what the clerks think they have to do for the money paid them by the public? Don't they know that they are paid servants of the public to do their work? It is no good applying to the Postmaster General or Under Secretary. Those individuals also forget they are paid servants of the public, and the only way to get at them is by the aid of the Press, or by a public meeting to protest against the ways of the post office, especially the newspaper delivery.—

Yours, &c, Reform.