Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Proposal to combine postage and duty stamps in Queensland - 1879

Brisbane Courier, Wednesday 3 December 1879, page 5

At a recent meeting of the Cabinet it was decided to accept the recommendation contained in a minute placed before the Cabinet by the Hon. the Acting Treasurer to do away with distinctive duty and postage stamps. From the 1st January next there will be only one kind of stamp issued, and which may be used, either for duty or postage. The change has been recommended for the reasons that the Treasury suffered to a considerable extent by evasions of the Stamp Act, in consequence of the alleged difficulty of obtaining duty stamps in country places, and that the public suffered more or less inconvenience in consequence of the employment of two kinds of stamps. When the new regulation comes into force, it is the intention of the Government to rigidly enforce the Stamp Act. With reference to the difficulty in keeping separate accounts under the new arrangement of the revenue derivable from duty and postage, the Acting Treasurer expresses it as his opinion that the Post Office officials will be able to arrive, approximately, at the value of stamps used for postage.