Thursday, September 15, 2016

Changes to Queensland postage stamps in 1895

An article on changes to Queensland postage stamps in 1895. the writer is not strictly correct as the moiré paper was not used on the new 1895 issue with the background removed, but on the existing issue.

Daily Northern Argus (Rockhampton, Qld.), Tuesday 5 March 1895, page 3
Stamps and Their Origin. The New Penny Adhesive

A correspondent writes: The close of the last month has seen more changes in Queensland stamps than any time since 1880, when something similar occurred. At the beginning of February this year the Government having apparently ran out of the usual paper, or, from motives of economy, wishing to use up any old paper they had remaining in the office, printed the 1d and 2d stamps on the thick paper used formerly for the 2s to £1 duty postage stamps, the issue of which has been discontinued on the appearance of a new set of stamps to be used as duty only. The same thing occurred in 1872, when the duty stamps were printed on a paper with a moiré on the back, which being discontinued left some of the paper which was used in 1880 on 1d and 2d postage stamps, which are now respectively valued at 10s and 14s each. Now the same paper has again appeared on the 1d stamp, the background of the head having been removed. It was about time the issue was changed, as it has been running continuously without a change for the last 13 years.