Monday, September 5, 2016

Douglas campaigning in Drayton in 1859

A Drayton correspondent reporting for the Moreton Bay Courier newspaper on an address by John Douglas in the 1859 NSWS election

Moreton Bay Courier (Brisbane), Wednesday 4 May 1859, page 2
John Douglas, of Talgai, has issued his address to the electors of Darling Downs. In itself it is rather a curious document ; and at the first blush one would hardly suppose it is an address from a young aspirant for legislative honors. He says "it is a source of gratification to him and others, that no large proportion of the adult male population can now complain of being shut out from a participation in privileges held to be inestimable." This from a squatter is somewhat marvellous. I really thought there was not a squatter on the Downs who would pronounce, what our late M.P. termed the most diabolical portion of Mr. Cowper's Reforn Bill, as "a source of gratification to him." Mr. Douglas, however, expresses his opinions freely and honestly on this point, and I really think, despite a few local prejudices, he will be returned as one of our members.