Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Postage Stamps. Alteration of Colours - 1898

Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.), Wednesday 7 September 1898, page 5

New Postage Stamps. Alteration of Colours

The annual report of the Post and Telegraph Department contains the following paragraph: A new article in the detailed regulations of the Postal Union provides that the postage stamps representing the postage rates of the union or their equivalent in the currency of each country are to be printed as far as possible in the following colours: Stamps of 25 centimes (2.5 d.) in. dark blue, stamps of 10 centimes (ld.) in red, stamps of 5 centimes (0.5d.) in green. The Queensland 1d. stamp has always been printed in red and the 0.5d. in green. The, alteration of colour of the 2.5d. stamp has been anticipated, and as soon as blue water-marked paper has been received from London the stamp will be printed thereon, red on blue, like the English 2.5d. This has been found necessary in consequence of the similarity of colour to the 1d. stamp.