Friday, September 23, 2016

Postal irregularities at Ipswich and Brisbane - 1858

North Australian, Ipswich and General Advertiser (Ipswich), Tuesday 14 December 1858, page 3

POSTAL IRREGULARITIES. — We are in receipt of letters, by the Thursday's mail, from subscribers at Calandoon and Dalby, complaining of great irregularity in the receipt of their papers. The papers are sent regularly from Ipswich by the Wednesday's mail, packed in parcels, which remain intact until their arrival at Drayton. Our Calandoon correspondent says, 'I sometimes get none at all, and then receive three old numbers. The North Australian came very regularly till the alteration of the Drayton mail, but 'since then we have not once had it in time.' The communication from Dalby says: 'I am surprised at my not getting my paper regularly; I had none last week, and such is frequently the case.'

IRREGULARITIES OF THE BRISBANE POST-OFFICE — The Free Press has hazarded a defence of the irregularity we complained of in a previous issue, by which our English letters arriving in Brisbane on a Saturday were not despatched by the special mail with the Sydney correspondence, but delayed until Monday, causing a delay in the delivery of thirty six hours. The plea in extenuation is that the English mails are now sent direct to Brisbane, and extra labour is imposed on the officials there. That, certainly, may be a valid excuse for detaining the special mail for an hour or two; but it forms no defence to our charge of sending a special mail with only a portion of the letters. Moreover, the newspapers are not now sent by the special mail which the contractor had hitherto been bound to carry. If the sorting of letters and papers demanded in more time, let them take it and delay the mail for that purpose; but it is sheer folly to despatch it with only a part of its contents. We recollect our contemporary could be hard enough on those who rendered public service gratuitously, though he is now volunteering a defence for lapses of duty committed by paid servants.