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Problems with the Boulia mail service in 1913

Week (Brisbane), Friday 17 January 1913, page 15

Boulia Mail Service

Boulia, January 11.

As a result of a public meeting residents of Boulia and district held, on 9th instant, the following telegram was sent to the Deputy Postmaster-General: "A public meeting of residents of Boulia and district held yesterday, emphatically protests against the indefinite suspension of mails between Middleton and Boulia, thereby isolating the following sheep stations, Warenda and Lucknow, as well as a large number of selectors, and the township of Mackunda, and trusts that the present temporary mail service from Selwyn to Boulia will be converted into a more efficient service."

At a public meeting at Boulia yesterday, the following telegraphic reply was received from the Deputy Postmaster-General, Brisbane, dated 11th January: 'In reply to your telegram of yesterday, the tenders received for a through service from Winton to Boulia were much too high for acceptance. Therefore, a tender was accepted for the section Winton to Middleton. The department now is awaiting a suitable tender for the Boulia-Middleton section, which it has been unable to obtain up to the present. I shalt be glad of your assistance in this direction. The postal revenue from the section does not warrant the payment of more than £200 per annum.'

The public meeting yesterday unanimously adopted the following resolution : That the following telegram be sent to the Deputy Postmaster-General: “We have considered your telegram of 11th instant, and are of opinion that it is most unsatisfactory. Competent authorities here consider that the amount suggested by you as adequate for a mail contract between Middleton and Boulia is ridiculously inadequate, and savours of sweating. An increase is assured in the parcel post between Boulia and stations and residents on the Winton road, occasioned by the extensive improvements now being carried out on Warenda, Lucknow, and other sheep properties on the Middleton-Boulia route. No existing or-proposed service meets those demands, consequently your action in depriving the 'district of a mail service between Middleton and Boulia is interfering seriously with the proper development of the country, and we trust that the present intolerable situation will be relieved forthwith. The question of revenue is not the only consideration;, the public service and convenience must be considered. The present arrangements of the Selwyn to Boulia mail are inefficient, as the mail for Brisbane occupies four days longer than under the late Winton-Boulia service. This meeting strongly resents a retrograde movement on the part of the department. No mails have been despatched from Boulia to Middleton since 25th December. We understand that Middleton is at present a dumping ground for mails belonging to the far western stations."

Brisbane Courier (Qld.), Thursday 23 January 1913, page 6

Middleton - Boulia Mail Contract

Tenders are now being invited for the Middleton to Boulia mail contract, which was recently suspended by the department on the ground that the revenue did not justify an expenditure of more than £200 per annum on the contract (our Winton correspondent wired yesterday). The Boulia and other Western people have been greatly inconvenienced, and several large stations deprived of a mail service altogether. The news of the resumption of the contract has given great satisfaction.