Friday, September 23, 2016

Problems with the Drayton Post Office - 1850

Moreton Bay Courier (Brisbane), Saturday 19 January 1850, page 3

Drayton Correspondent

The Postman did not arrive here from Brisbane until Thursday morning, which caused some inconvenience to parties in the district. As it is very desirable that such irregularities should be stopped at once, the Postmaster has very properly laid an information against him, under the 41st sec. of the Postage Act, for loitering on the road. The true cause of the delay will thus be ascertained, and, if it is through his negligence, the punishment inflicted on him must have a beneficial effect on the other postmen. It is only fair to add that for the last twelve months he has been very regular to his time. Talking of the Post Office, I may state that great complaints are made throughout the district on account of the utter impossibility of obtaining post-office stamps. The supply forwarded to the Postmaster was not sufficient for the demand in Drayton alone, not to say anything of the district. Procrastination is the thief of time," and never was the old saw more fully verified than in the dilatory proceedings off the post-office authorities in Sydney.