Friday, September 2, 2016

Problems with payment for newspaper delivery - 1892

Gympie Times and Mary River Mining Gazette (Qld.), Saturday 23 July 1892, page 6


Apparently some of the postal officials consider Mr. Unmack's imposition of the halfpenny tax on the postage of newspapers is not sufficient, as the Gympie Times addressed to me direct from your office under date June 11, and enclosed in the regulation envelope duly stamped, was fined one penny for insufficient postage on reaching its destination. I had on several occasions previously to pay fines on papers re-mailed to me by friends with only a halfpenny stamp on, which I paid without a murmur, but I thought it was playing it down too rough when the Times was fined. I refused to pay. The post office here refused to deliver unless I did. Consequently a lot of correspondence ensued, the upshot of which was that the paper was sent to the head office in Brisbane, and returned to my address again, with two pence fine this time. I still refused to pay, with the result that I lost my paper. The best of the joke is I failed to ascertain any reason for imposing the first fine. Wore it holiday time I should imagine that whisky did it, or under its inspiring influences some civil servant was doing his mite towards wiping out our public deficit. I hope, however, he will lot me have a rest for awhile and give someone else a turn.