Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gladstone postal matters - 1862 and 1870

Short articles relating to postal services in the Gladstone area in the 1860s

Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay and Burnett Advertiser (Qld.), Thursday 13 February 1862, page 2

Our new postal arrangements with Maryborough do not appear to answer very well. The postman loses a day almost every week; and as this line is especially intended for the benefit of the squatters who may be living off and on the line, such irregularities prove a great disappointment to them. But still, the postman himself is not to be blamed as he has to complete the whole distance from here to Maryborough and back in a single week being on the average more than fifty miles a day, and this, too, without any cessation! No wonder the poor fellow says that such constant hard work is enough soon to kill any man.

Queenslander (Brisbane), Saturday 12 February 1870, page 10

The Gladstone Observer states that Mrs. Hetherington, who has been conducting the Post-office business since her husband's death, has received a telegram from A. H. Palmer. Esq., M.L.A., stating that the appointment of postmistress had been promised to her by the Government. From other sources we learn that the news of Mr. Hetherington's death had caused much regret in Brisbane, and a general expression of sympathy with the widow. The fact that the promise above referred to has been obtained from the Government shows that the sympathy in Brisbane took a practical shape. We hear that the inhabitants of Gladstone intend to petition the Government to appoint Mrs. Hetherington postmistress. Sometime before his death Mr. Hetherington was at considerable pains to instruct his wife in the duties of his office, and she is quite competent for all that will be required. The appointment would be but a small return from the Government for the long and efficient services of the late postmaster.