Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pictorial postcards issued - 1898

Darling Downs Gazette (Qld.), Saturday 25 June 1898, page 2

Pictorial Postcards— to be Issued today

The pictorial postcards, which have recently been printed by the Government Printer, will be on sale today. Proofs of these were shown to a representative of the 'Telegraph.' As it was desirable to secure an early issue of these cards, it was found necessary to use such material as was available, and the selection was limited. In future more suitable illustrations will be used. Zincography is the process employed, which is not equal to collotype for the production of appropriate views. It is intended to cover, as far as possible, the whole range of the colony's scenery and productions, together with the principal buildings, &c. As it is desired to secure as large a circulation as possible for these cards, the value of the postage stamps only will be charged for. It will therefore be possible for purchasers of the cards to send them throughout the Australasian colonies for 1d., while those bearing the 1.5d. stamp can be sent to any part of the civilised world. The Postmaster-General (the Hon. W. H. Wilson) trusts that the expense of producing this novel series of views will be more than recouped by their extensive circulation and the knowledge of Queensland they are intended to convey to whom the name of the colony is at present but a geographical expression.