Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reason for the introduction of duty stamps in Queensland in 1892

Brisbane Courier (Qld), Friday 17 June 1892, page 7



Mr. Drake moved the adjournment of the House in order to call attention to a paragraph which had appeared in that day's Courier, concerning a new design for duty stamps. He said he had always understood that postage stamps and duty stamps were identical, and the paragraph seemed to point to the fact that the old practice of having different stamps for postage and revenue purposes was to be reverted to. He thought the change was not a good one, and that some reasons should be given. It ought to be understood that after the end of the present month anyone using a postage stamp for a duty stamp would be liable to a penalty of £50.

Mr. Unmack said the matter to which attention had been called had originated in the Treasury. The Treasurer found that he lost sight of the amount which was received as duty, and it was imperative that there should be a check on it. The penny stamp would, however, still be available for both purposes, so that he did not anticipate any inconvenience.

Mr. Drake thanked the hon. gentleman for his explanation, and withdrew the motion.