Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Uniform Postage Stamps - 1904

Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld), Monday 8 August 1904, page 2

Uniform Postage Stamps

The Federal Government are duly considering the expediency or otherwise of having for all Australia a uniform postage stamp. It is certain that not a few individuals may favour the old system; every chimney must consume its own smoke; every State must have its own postage stamp. To Queensland there would at first be a real, and afterwards an apparent, advantage in having a uniform stamp. If such a stamp could he had it would be most extensively used in exchange. Many persons here buy objects of small value, in Sydney or Melbourne; not so many persons down that way, buy such objects here. Small sums, either way, would be sent in stamps. The advantage would be with us as to revenue if not as to trade. But on the whole case the Federal Government, should make a note. At present, for inartistic postage stamps, Australia takes the cake. She ought to have a stamp that is a good advertisement of the country. Whether she will get such a stamp depends on circumstances; and, sometimes, circumstances alter cases. It is reported that in connection with the proposed issue of uniform postage stamps, the question has arisen whether they should be printed from electrotypes or whether designs should be engraved on the steel head of the stamp. The printing office in Adelaide has reported that impressions from electrotypes are quite good enough, and it will not be necessary to import steel dies from England. If this is the whole of the story, the situation is not most promising. It is not the whole of the story, but at present, the remainder of it has not yet become history. The remark that, "impressions from electrotypes are quite good enough" suggests to a novice that the Federal Government may be led to become economical; but the "quite good enough" suggests a remark about things "cheap and nasty." A thing is good enough only when it fully answers the purpose.